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Dec 31, 2012 2:00am EST
for the past year -- the year are large parties in the uk we can focus on. you know how much is spent on transport? billions. i know it is not one of the basics for this year as it was last year. it seems as if we are only half of the people -- what about those young people do, as we know, are homeless or under circumstances such as that? it seems the rich getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. why can we not have everybody -- rather than those who can already access everything? [applause] >> thank you for that. northern ireland. >> what about this man from northern ireland ? >> john cameron, northern ireland. i support this regional issue. in northern ireland to use foreign in the u.k. youth parliament. all the organizations came together, which is in theater are working very successfully. we have to remember we are the u.k. youth parliament and we have to represent every region, so there for transport stop with the northern ireland and it's not going to be an issue that northern ireland would focus on observing topic in the future. we need to think of the issues. we need
Dec 9, 2012 10:30am EST
out almost two years ago. we said that the uk consolidation would fail. it had too much revenue. as we are seeing now, millionaires and billionaires are heading for the exit. that is what we are going to see. >> thank you. mr. chairman, i yield back. >> i would like to congratulate the chairman on his election and the fine work he has done as chairman of this committee and to congratulate mr. brady on being selected as his chair of this committee and the next congress. for our distinguished witnesses, they agreed that what we need to do is have a long- term solution. i would like to ask dr. zandi how we achieve that. we are several million dollars apart from the president's proposal. how would you close that gap? outline the president's proposal and speaker boehner's proposal. how can we get people employed and move our economy forward? >> i apologize. there will be a fair amount of numbers here. revenueident's tax proposal amounts to about $1.6 trillion over a 10-year period. that is from higher tax rates. roughly 600 billion are from some kind of tax reform. they are all reasonabl
Dec 29, 2012 10:00am EST
the uk. the political aspect would be huge. >> low-income students are risk averse. they do not have secret bank accounts where they can address the situation. and if they fail, the burdens of being on them. they are less likely to pursue a college education if it means earning more than their parents do in a year. we expect pell grant recipients to graduate with more debt than middle and upper income students. they are anywhere from 150% more likely to graduate. we are burdening those the least capable of the most that. the problem is that they are going to impact access. >> the point before you go on, a lot of that is about communicating to families what this means. it is far from perfect, but they are borrowing well beyond their families capability, baking on the fact that they will be able to. theret disagree that isn't a perfect model, but i think it has huge potential. >> i want to move on to questions from the audience because i want to get in as many as possible. i think what is interesting, so far, there seems to be a lot of changes that would take political will that w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3